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This design breaks the borders of thought. For a single moment it makes the human to get closer to her nature. a person that this ring belongs to will always be in the thought of its originality. The domical shape of this work shows in the religion of a large number of people in a symbolic way. At the same time it can attract the taste of smart ladies who are keen on over-special handmade products. The intertwined like a nest outlook of this ring almost gives the feeling of safeness and peace to its owner in an indirect way.

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Bend - 1

Despite the fact that recently much attention has been focused on such a product as smartwatches and portable gadgets, many still need simple minimalist accessories. This watch has a body made of single-piece of metal, which is suitable for different types of belts, such as classic belts with spring bar mounting or NATO strap.

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Slavic seasons

The main task of the creators of jewelry from the collection of Slavic seasons was to get a lot of applications one item of jewelry. The removable central element can be obtained by three variants of the ring, three pendant, as well as use it as a bracelet, tying with the help of a leather lace on the wrist. The colors and the style is very diverse, it makes it easy to pick up his option under the dress or a special event. Just on the basis of the collection of Slavic seasons possible to create their own collection, ordering new variants of the central element.

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Morrows explores all kinds of connections, through feeling, touching. Most importantly it explores new way to connect pearls inspired by our vertebral system. Vertebral is one of the most amazing things that God give us. The best framework in this world and the best way of connect. Repeating somehow is the best way to keep things pure and powerful. This is not an ordinary string of beads or pearls; this is a new way to connect them.It's a very easy way to product, and change the content to be a different item.

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Big bang

The ring represents the image of the "big bang": a circle placed in the middle and sparks around it. The beryls represent the core of the explosion, a central diamond and trapezoid-cut diamonds represent the particles radiating towards the universe. The stones are placed on two different levels to give a sense of the explosion, the outward movement and depth and the external stones are left more free.

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Moonlight bracelet

The goal with this project was to achieve harmony between two different materials: brass and Glass. Rather than the rare or expensive materials often used to create fine jewelry, these elements are more commonplace materials in the modern world. Therefore this work relies on design and the harmony between these materials to create pieces that exist between the definitions of fine and fashion jewelry.

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