Award Winning Liberation Residential House

Armin Cheng Shares The Liberation Residential House

ARMIN CHENG, the creator of the awarded project Award Winning Liberation Residential House explains, In Asian countries are dominated by builders duplicating a large number of residential spaces, however, In. Dot Design attempted to adopt more effec <Cropped>

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Cellular Table-Coffee Table by Onur Ozkaya

Onur Ozkaya Creates The Cellular Table Coffee Table

Onur Ozkaya, the author of the award winning design Coffee Table:Cellular Table by Onur Ozkaya explicates, Cellular Table has been commissioned to explore new ways of producing metal in the field of furniture design. The project uses a double-layer a <Cropped>

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Kaiseki Den-Restaurant by Monique Lee

Monique Lee Exhibits The Kaiseki Den Restaurant

Monique Lee, the creator of the displayed design Monique Lee's Kaiseki Den Restaurant explains, Kaiseki Den by Saotome, employs distinctive Wabi-sabi design elements of simplicity, raw texture, modesty and nature to exemplify Zen meaning behind <Cropped>

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Ding-Rui Tai and Yun-Hsiang Tsao's Green Life Residential House

Ding-Rui Tai and Yun-Hsiang Tsao Reveals The Green Life Residential House

Ding-Rui Tai and Yun-Hsiang Tsao, the project leader of the award winning design Award Winning Green Life Residential House explains, What is the most difficult with design is to perceive the proprietor’s main ideas and to thoroughly grasp what kin <Cropped>

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Ghaneei’s Residential Building in Iran-Residential Building by Polsheer Architects Planner Engineers

Polsheer Architects Planner Engineers Shows The Ghaneei’s Residential Building in Iran Residential Building

Polsheer Architects Planner Engineers, the creator of the highlighted design Residential building by Polsheer Architects Planner Engineers points out, in this design,The architect intended to add two rooms in the house; a ceiling as Iranian terraces. <Cropped>

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Award Winning The Residence of All Purpose Residence

Chen-An Tang Illustrates The The Residence of All Purpose Residence

Chen-An Tang, the lead designer of the awarded design The Residence of All Purpose by Chen-An Tang says, Different from most of the designers dealing with the living room, focused on the TV wall, the designer places the couch before the living room. <Cropped>

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Modular Food Furniture

All and Enofrigo Invite You to Propose a Concept For An Innovative Product Dedicated to The Catering Industry, Based On New Applications of Technologies and Materials Already Used by The Idea Contest On Desall and Enofrigo Invite Y

All and enofrigo invite you to propose a concept for an innovative product dedicated to the catering industry, based on new applications of technologies and materials already used by the company.New idea contest on desall and enofrigo inv <Cropped>

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Gronych + Dollega Architekten's Haus M Private House

Gronych + Dollega Architekten Shares The Haus M Private House

gronych + dollega architekten, the thinktank behind the highlighted work gronych + dollega architekten's Haus M private house demonstrates, The shape of the building is meant to imitate an extract of a mine. The inside of the residence revolve <Cropped>

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Acclaimed Designer's Dallas Mavericks Season History, 2011 Statistical Poster

Acclaimed Designer Portrays The Dallas Mavericks Season History, 2011 Statistical Poster

The creator of the awarded design Statistical poster by Acclaimed Designer explains, I've gathered data sets from multiple sources to compose a visualization that represents the highs and lows of the season for this championship team. The data i <Cropped>

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Residence:primitive by Chiung-ho, Su

Chiung-ho, Su Shows The Primitive Residence

CHIUNG-HO, SU, the author of the awarded design Primitive by CHIUNG-HO, SU spells out, Green materials can easier present the nature, use them as the basic elements of this spatial design. The space is divided into private space and working space b <Cropped>

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