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Desire in Life

Desire in Life Series creatively apply Stereo sculpture to create a skeletal shape. This series consists of three products: 1) The diamond ring of skull shape shows a person holding a diamond, which express one's desire for wealth; 2)The rib is used to form a triangular structure. 3)The necklace inlaid a red jewel in three-dimensional sternum to express one's desire for power. Part of the series uses 18K black gold, with black satire, expressing the designer's thinking about "desire for life ".

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Code ring

In CodeRing it is feasible to detach the inner shank (followed by the stone) from the main shank and use it as a separate piece. Also, the silver-made main shank of the ring, which is a signification of human corporeal vessel, can be used as a discrete piece of jewelry. The stone in the center is placed as a beating heart with golden capillaries. Moreover, the stone of the internal ring has been made out of natural and nature-friendly materials; in which no chemical color or substance was used in the process of making and production.

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Pure Infinity

The pendant is made of 18K red gold and a topaz with 92.14 ct. The gemstone setting and the suspension are made of a single wire. It runs from narrow to wide in an infinite loop without touching at the crossing point. The mounting of the pendant is slanted, however this allows the jewel to hang straight on a chain without tilting back or forth.

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French inspired and brewed in Shanghai, the Janus is a real treat for all analog watch lovers. Thanks to its dual-dials and interchangeable strap, it is a good conversation starter and will make heads turn. User can flip and/or switch dials, and change straps to match daily outfit and activities. The case and lugs are made of steel and show first-rate finishing surface treatment and details. Straps are made of genuine leather with inner reinforcement to sustain daily wear.

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Hong Kong Skyline

Hong Kong Skyline Jewelry collection are using well-known international beautiful harbor view, the Hong Kong Victoria Harbor as the main theme. By using die cut method, to create Hong Kong’s own harbor silhouette. This collection using the traditional jewelry craftsmanship as a bridge to promote Hong Kong’s own culture and show the beautiful point of view to represent Hong Kong.

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Van Gogh

Earrings inspired by the Almond Tree in Blossom painted by Van Gogh. The delicacy of the branches are reproduced by delicate Cartier-type chains that, like the branches, sway with the wind. The various shades by different gemstones, from almost white to a more intense pink, represent the shades of your flowers. The cluster of blooming flowers are represented with different cutstones. Made with 18k gold, pink diamonds, morganites, pink sapphires and pink tourmalines. Polished and textured finish. Extremely light and with perfect fit. This is the arrival of spring in the form of a jewel.

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